Services & Capabilities

Form Design and Fabrication

Chase Nedrow Manufacturing offers in house design and fabrication utilizing wood, plastic, styrofoam, steel and aluminum mold designs. We can provide any size form from one-offs to gang molds for faster turn around times and lower pour costs.

Precast Shapes Manufacturing

Chase Nedrow partners with refractory industry leaders to deliver the best refractory tailored for your needs. Coupled with our lean manufacturing techniques, process controls and full traceability ensure a consistent product delivery. We conduct raw material testing to establish that physical properties meet or exceed the manufacturer published standards .

Quality Control Testing and Documentation

Our quality control testing and documentation ensures full traceability from incoming raw materials, through production and onto delivery. All samples and records are retained on site to aid in future analysis. Industry standard testing for modulus of rupture and cold crush is conducted in our quality assurance lab.

Drying and Firing to 2400 deg F

We offer 4 different kilns at different temperatures to meet a wide variety of drying and high firing needs. High firing to 2400 degrees achieves a ceramic bond maximizing material properties and strength.